Reflections: February 2017


My monthly challenge(s) for February were to exercise a minimum of 4x/week for 30 days and do a 30 day bedtime yoga sequence.

I would give myself a C for how I did on February’s challenges. Not great but not bad either. The first two weeks of February I definitely struggled with the whole workout thing. I did start and I did workout at least…2x/week, but the problem wasn’t that I didn’t DO the challenge, it was that I didn’t LIKE the workouts I was doing. I wasn’t motivated by them. I discovered that I am the type of person who needs constant change in a workout routine. I can’t just do the same thing over and over again. I become bored and unmotivated. So after about two weeks and a lot of internet digging, I found two YouTube channels I am a big fan of, HASfit and Blogilates. I also enjoy some videos by Fitness Blender, but not as much. I use HASfit for strength training and I use Blogilates for my pilates style workouts, which are centered around using my own body weight and increasing flexibility. I find that combining workouts from both of these channels gives me the variety I need to stay motivated as the weeks go by. Sometimes I combine both in one week, other times I alternate biweekly. I’m starting to like getting my workout in and feeling better about myself overall. I haven’t seen much change yet, physically, but I have noticed a difference in how I feel about myself and my energy levels throughout the day. I also recently joined a gym with my best friend for the sake of cardio so that’s a plus!

The yoga challenge…I basically didn’t do. I did it for about a week and then stopped. I didn’t enjoy it. I found myself rushing through it so I could go to sleep. It wasn’t something I personally liked doing so it’s just not for me and I’m okay with that.

So that was my reflection on the challenges I set for February. In just a few minutes I’ll be posting my challenges for March so check those out and maybe even join me!


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