Adrenaline Junky??


Q: What are the most dangerous things you enjoy? How dangerous would an activity have to be before you would avoid it? Do you get more reckless or more cautious when you are feeling good about life?

A: I do not do dangerous things…at all hahaha. I am not an adrenaline junky. The most “dangerous” thing I have ever done if jumping off a cliff into a lake below. I also like to free climb, but it’s not on anything too serious. I like to sit on the edge of stuff too. Oh I like zip lining… That’s about it! I would never go sky diving, hang gliding, or anything deemed extreme. I am adventurous, but I am in no way an adrenaline junky or a dare devil or anything like that!

I don’t really know if I get more dangerous or cautious when I’m feeling good about life. I never really paid attention to that.


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