Question of the Day


Q: Do you think people see you as you really are? If not, how might you better show your true self?

A: I do not think people see me as I really am, well, strangers at least. I am a very shy and fairly socially awkward person. When I’m in a public space or I’m meeting someone new, I overcompensate for my anxiety fear by being over confident, which comes across as stuck up. Sometimes though, the pendulum swings the other way and I get quiet, silent, and internalize everything. So strangers definitely don’t see me as I really am.

Now my friends,  that’s getting a lot better. Again, because I have anxiety, I never really let myself be who I am because I was afraid of being judged by others. I do think the people closest to me know the general concept of who I really am, I just need to work on being okay with the details even if they differ from someone else’s personal details.

In order to improve and allow people to see me for me, I need work on over coming my anxiety, which I am doing every single day. I need to pay more attention to my responses to questions. Instead of spitting out the answer I know they want to hear, I need to pause, and tell them the answer that I actually believe, regardless of what they may think of it. Basically, I need to just do it anyway.


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