A Year of Blogging: Day 20


Playing catch up again.

Q: How much does waste bother you? If you were too stuffed to enjoy the fancy dessert you ordered at a restaurant, would you go ahead and eat it? Assume that no one else wanted it and you couldn’t take it home. If so, what do you think that would accomplish?

A: I would probably eat some of it, yes. I ordered it. It’s paid for. I don’t want to throw away the entire dessert. I doubt I’d eat all of it, but I would probably eat a few bites so it’s at least semi eaten.

It wouldn’t accomplish anything honestly. Sure it’d prevent one more thing from being send to the dump, but that’s it. I do care about the environment and am not a fan of sending food to the dump, but I’m not going to compromise my own health and mental well being over a slice of cake.


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