My Awful Weekend


I have not been doing well at this “A Year of Blogging” thing. I’m doing my best though so just bare with me please. Today I want to talk about the weekend I had because man did it suck!

On Saturday, I was driving home in a little bit of a snow storm, it was minor but it was still enough to make the roads slick. I was heading back home on a back road that doesn’t have much in the way of lighting and gets a little ignored with the salt companies. That night, around 5pm, I got into my first car accident. A car on the opposite side of the road coming towards me spun out on the road and I had no time to break. I stopped because my car hit his. Now, his vehicle was a MASSIVE SUV. The man who I collided with was not all mentally there, so he was very scared and shaken up. He started walking the road to see if he could find the patch of black ice that he may or may not have slipped on. A passerby pulled over and called the police for us and we waited there in the snow. Once the police came and all of that was settled, my car was towed and that was the end of that for the time being.

I went out that night to celebrate my best friend’s 23rd birthday, we always go to Buffalo Wild Wings, which was great. I had tons of fun with her and the family. Her stepdad then surprised everyone by stopping by Ashley’s brother’s house and picking up his wife Tiffany. That was an amazing surprise. That night was a fun and relaxing break from just being in a car accident.

I got home around 12:30 that night and went right to bed…only to be woken up at 4:30am by the god awful smell of toxic oil fumes spreading throughout the house! Our oil tank in the basement had basically failed. Something broke which caused something else to stop working, which cause the oil fumes to leak and even some unheated oil to spread over the basement floor. So at around 5am, mom and I had to leave the house. It was getting dangerous, but my dad had to stay because we had animals and he was waiting to hear back from the company about our emergency situation. So, mom and I drove around and waited until 7AM for a place to open. Dad turned off the heat and opened all of the windows and doors in the house to start airing it out. It was only 32 degrees that morning, so how he managed to handle that all day, I have no idea, but he did it.

It wasn’t until about 11am that the company finally arrived to figure out the problem, which they didn’t even do because an hour into it they realized the tank was red tagged, so they couldn’t work on it. My dad had to contact the company that red tagged it and wait for them to get there (2:30pm now) to hopefully figure out the problem.

Back to my car for a minute, I work M-F, so I needed a car or it was going to be a very long complicated week. Luckily, my insurance covered a rent a car, so I am now driving around a Kia Sole that has an awesome stereo system I might add. I was grateful to now have a car. So that day I hung out at another best friend’s house, Amber, as long as I possibly could. I then went home to a house that was colder inside than it was outside and smelled so strong of oil that I still have a headache, and waited for my parents to come home (they went to the movies once the guy’s left the house).

That night, my mom and I stayed in a nearby hotel and my dad stayed home with the pets and some electronic heaters. All windows still open to air out the house and our oil still not up and running. I had an amazing night at the hotel, and my dad actually slept near perfectly that night since he prefers sleeping in the cold. Unfortunately, everything in the house now smells like oil, so Monday morning I had to run out to Walmart to buy a couple long sleeved shirts to wear to work until we got the laundry done. Not an ideal situation, but doable I suppose.

When I got home from work on Monday, I found out my car had $3,700 worth of damage to it, all of which the insurance was going to cover, thank God. Good news finally! I then found out we had heat again, more good news! However, the house still smells like oil, but it’s tolerable and safe to live in. So after another $800 in fixing our oil tank, we have heat. I have a rental car. My car is being fixed. I found my iPod hahaha. Life is hopefully looking up after this awful weekend of car crashes, oil inhalation (I’m still blowing black dust out of my nose by the way), headaches/throat aches, a freezing cold house, and just an overall 48 hours of hell.

Here’s to the rest of 2017, I really hope it only goes up from here.


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