A Year of Blogging: Day 12 (lost day 11)


Q: What one additional skill that you could have learned as a child would be very valuable to you now?

A: The personal skill of not being afraid to go after what you want. Most people don’t know this about me, but I’ve always wanted to act and sing. My entire life since I was a little girl, but I was always too scared to do anything about it. I would sing in the garage or my room, but that was it. Nobody knew I wrote songs. Nobody knew I just wanted to sing. I never put on shows or did things in school with drama, because I was afraid. I was so afraid and I got severe anxiety of the thought of it, so I let it go. I regret that. I regret never learning how to just go for things. I’m still so afraid to sing or act because I’ve never done it. I never got over that first try because I never had it. Had I don’t something about my dreams when they first hit me, I could be in a completely different place in my life, or I could be where I am now, writing a blog post in my bath tub, but at least I’d have tried and I’d be continuing to try.


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