A Year of Blogging: Day 7


Q: Whose lot would you prefer for retirement: that of a simple fisherman with a large and devoted family, that of a successful executive with lots of money and contacts, or that of an academic with many stimulating interests and colleagues?

A: I would prefer the third one, an academic with stimulating interests and colleagues. I feel like this option is a nice middle ground between the other two mentioned and is all the closest to a retirement lifestyle I see myself having. In the grand scheme of things, I am a simple girl who only needs a few close friends and her immediate family to feel complete socially. I don’t feel I need money to be happy or even live a full life so that isn’t all that important to me, but I’m also a bit of a loner so a large family just doesn’t mean as much to me as my small one.

When I retire, I’d like to reside somewhere closer to nature where my neighbors aren’t within spitting distance, but I am also not totally secluded from society. I’d like to have a lot of land around me and have a nice view to look out at. I’d want to live simply and comfortably with a couple close friends nearby and my family around as well. I don’t need a bunch of contacts, or a retirement fund loaded with more zeroes than I know what to do with, but I also don’t want my family there 24/7. I need me time, ya know? So the academic sounds the most like me seeing as I love to write and I love to learn. Colleagues to me are people who I can call up and hangout with when I feel lonely or bored, but they’re not devoted to my life and they’re also not just contacts in a phone. They’re in the middle. A simple retirement with people close to me, enough money to be comfortable, and a location that’s secluded but not so far out that I’ll never see people again πŸ™‚


Let me know where you guys stand on this question by creating your own blog post or leaving me a comment! If you make your own post, use the hashtag #wherewouldyouretire so I can find it!



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