A Year of Blogging: Day 6


Q: If you could take a pill that would permanently make your sense of smell as acute as a dog’s, would you?

A: I sure all hell wouldn’t be the test dummy for it! I would want to see how other people feel after going through with taking that pill and make my decision from there. Whereas a dog’s sense of smell is astonishing, I’m not so sure I’d personally want it myself. If it had zero side effects and showed a significant use of importance, I’d probably consider it.

Or…if it could be temporary…like “take pill as needed to enhance smell for 24 hours”, that I’d probably do! Dog’s have a sense of smell 10,000x as acute as that of a human, so it’s probably that that pill could help us ward against date rapes and things of that nature if we had the sense of smell of to notice ahead of time that we were being set up. However, I certainly wouldn’t want to smell that well all of the time…skunks stink as it is I mean come on…would you like to smell a skunk 10,000x more potent than you already do?

Let me know what you think about this silly, yet interesting, question!


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