A Year of Blogging: Day 4


Four days into 2017 and I already messed up! Wooh! I forgot to post yesterday, my bad guys. I can only do my best!

Q: If all food were free and you could have anything you wanted anytime, how much would you change your habits? Would you eat more than you do now? What foods would you abandon?

A: I love this question so much I want to marry it! For whatever reason, I happen to love the science of food and nutrition so today’s question makes me so happy. If we lived in a world where all food products were free, I would STOCK UP! That was my first thought. Then I realized that this isn’t a sudden change in society, assuming the question is coming from the standpoint of “this is how it’s always been so how different would your life be?”

Seeing as I currently consume a plant based diet (for the most part), I feel like what would change is the types of plant based foods I consume. Whereas my mom does buy the majority of “my food” as she refers to it, I do buy a lot of the “specialty” products like vegan cheese, vegan “meats”, tofu, tempeh, vegan macaroni and cheese, vegan frozen dinners, etc. If these items were free, I would probably purchase more of them because I happen to like them, but due to government subsidies being favored towards animal products, those items are incredibly overpriced. So right now, I kind of live off of a few different fruits, salad, grains like quinoa and spaghetti, potatoes, and whatever vegan things I have in the freezer. Not too shabby for a plant based diet, but could be better.

If all food were free, I would also be consuming a much larger variety of fruits and vegetables. Where I am from, “exotic” fruits like dragon fruit, papaya, starfruit, even pomegranates and mangoes, are all very expensive. Dragon fruit goes for over $7/one fruit. I’m a nanny who doesn’t make a hell of a lot so that’s just not doable for me. The same concept goes for vegetables. I would also include much more acai, hemp, and cacao products into my diet as some of these currently cost over $10…again, not at all doable!

I think I would be overall closer to a wholefoods, plant based diet than where I am now. I would be cooking my meals a lot more often and experimenting with different food combinations. In terms of quantity, yeah I’d be eating a hell of a lot more, but it terms of caloric intake, no I think it would actually balance out in a healthier way, which is the ultimate goal!

However, I can’t say I’d give up anything because I already don’t consume meat or dairy, so there isn’t much left in terms of food groups to ditch. I do think I would be eating less processed foods though…even though I just said I’d probably buy more vegan faux cheeses/meats. I have a feeling that if I had better choices available to me for free, I’d more often choose those items over the processed foods. I’d like to think I’d give up chips and things but I mean…let’s be real…chips and popcorn are a staple in my  life!

Overall, I think I’d be healthier than I am now even though I’m already completely healthy. I think I’d be consuming better foods for my body and I’d feel better overall.

What do you guys think? How would your diet change is all food products were free?! Write your own article and hashtag it #ifallfoodwasfree or leave me a comment!


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