A Year of Blogging: Day 2


Q: If you were thinking about going on a trip in which you would have no internet or email connection for 2 weeks, would the prospect of being off the grid like this bring you more pleasure of anxiety?

A: I feel a few different ways about this question. First of all, I would absolutely experience anxiety seeing as I grew up in a world where technology is viewed as being a necessity. Without technology, we all lose our shit, well the good majority of us do at least. So the concept of being without it, of having no way to contact people absolutely freaks me out. Not so much in a social media way, like I don’t care all that much about snapchat or Facebook or whatever. They’re fun hobbies and boredom busters, but that’s all they are to me. I’m more concerned with not being able to contact people, but I just realized this question says nothing about being without cell service so that makes this easier for me.

I also don’t really consider being without internet as being “off the grid”, so as long as I am able to get in contact with people via cell service if I need to, I think I’d enjoy a two week internet hiatus. I don’t “need” to talk to people, it’s just a matter of knowing that if something happens, if I get hurt, if I am scared, I have the option to call someone to help me in those situations.

Also, is this trip alone or is it a group thing? Are we secluded or are we within driving distance of a local town? These are questions that would aid in my being excited or anxious about a 2 week trip centered around an internet/email hiatus. If I would be alone, I’d be more anxious. Whereas I am more of a loner, I am not all that independent in terms of survival and fear and all of that. Knowing that there are people around to help me or be with me soothes that part of anxiety. If I were say, in a hotel that just happened to be in a region without internet access, I’d be more comfortable being “alone” because there are still people around.

It comes down to a matter of feeling safe for me. The safer I feel, the less anxious I am. I would totally be down for a trip like this, 100%. It’s just a matter of what else is involved in the trip that determines whether I’m anxious or excited or even both!

What do you think about this question?



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