A Year of Blogging: Day 1


Q: Imagine your life 20 years from now. Where are you living? Who are your best friends? What do you care about?

A: 20 years…holy hell. In 20 years I will 42, that’s an age where I feel like I can picture myself being successful and stable. Whereas these aren’t exactly goals, I do have a general idea of where I think I’ll be by this time in my life.

I will be living in a warmer state, preferably one out west because I don’t like harsh winters and I hate humidity. If for some reason that’s not where I end up, I hope it’s at least a state that has less drastic seasonal changes, even if it’s still a little snowy or humid, less drastic would be a plus.

My best friends will still be Ashley and Amber, guaranteed. They’re the two who have been with me through so much even though they entered my life at very different times. I don’t see them ever being out of my life, even if we are all living in different states (or countries if Ash decides to move to South Korea…).

As far as what I care about goes, my family. By the age of 42 I absolutely have children, preferable 2-3 and I am married (happily of course!). I care about taking care of my family and making sure we spend quality time together. I care about making sure I am personally happy with my life and that I am taking care of my health both mentally and physically. I probably also care about paying all our bills because I’m sure those will be piling up by that time! Basically, I care about my family, my friends, and myself primarily as those three segments are huge parts of anyone’s life.

I honestly do not know where I will be in terms of a career. I think I will have a stable career that allows me time to spend home, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up being a stay at home mom. I would love to have a job that allows me to travel, but I don’t know if that’s where I’d want to be at 42 years old with kids and a husband. Wherever it is I end up with a career, as long as I’m happy and able to help support my family, that’s all that matters to me.

I also want to say that by age 42, I will have traveled to other parts of the world, whether for work or personal adventure, I will have traveled. I will have chased (or maybe even am still chasing) dreams and I will be able to look back thus far and be able to say that I tried. I will have very little regret in that department, I guarantee it. Hell, maybe one of those dreams even panned out and I’m living a life I never thought possible, there’s always that.

Oh! I will be making my way out of student debt and I will have a good credit score because that’s important!

So that’s where I see my life in 20 years. Happy. Healthy. Surrounded by family and in touch with my best friends. I see stability and mental wellness. I see children and a husband and probably a dog and a cat because why not.

What do you see when you imagine your life 20 years from now?


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