30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 7


– List 30 facts about yourself

  1. I was born in April.
  2. I have hazel eyes that everybody mistakes for just being brown!
  3. I have absolutely no idea where I am going with my life.
  4. I have one younger brother and no other siblings.
  5. I once worked at a café for 4 years.
  6. I love macro nature photography.
  7. I love sunsets more than sunrises.
  8. I am attracted to both guys and girls and no I am not “confused” about that.
  9. I have two best friends.
  10. I value the relationships I have with people.
  11. I have overcome several mental disorders.
  12. I write song lyrics on a daily basis, both on accident and on purpose.
  13. My favorite color is turquoise.
  14. I currently have purple hair.
  15. I love Instagram.
  16. I hate the east coast.
  17. I once thought it would be a great idea to take my not even one year old beagle for a walk…while I was wearing roller blades that I barely knew how to use.
  18. That thought resulted in stitches in my knee and a small grey spot where one of the stitches were.
  19. I love Mexican food, vegan or not.
  20. I eat a plant-based diet 99% of the time and I will not apologize for that 1% that I don’t.
  21. I do not support animal testing nor do I wear real leather.
  22. I love the band Seether.
  23. I do not identify with any religion nor do I identify with those who don’t believe in religion because I am genuinely confused on the subject.
  24. I struggle with social anxiety.
  25. Christmas is my favorite holiday. (hahaha…just realized I wrote that on number 25)
  26. I have a small YouTube channel that I’d like to grow.
  27. I love psychology.
  28. I used to lie a lot because I was so terrified of hurting peoples feelings or upsetting them. That was the only reason I ever lied, fear.
  29. Money has very little value to me.
  30. I want to travel to way too many countries before I have kids, and the rest I’ll visit when my kids are in college!
  31. BONUS* I forgive myself, which is the hardest and most painful thing I have ever had to do in my life, so much so that I am still working on it. And that is okay.

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