30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 4


-List 5 places you want to visit

  1. Italy. Why? Because my dad was in the Navy and visited Italy during his time serving. He repeatedly tells me how gorgeous the country is, Venice in particular. I want to see where he has been and figure out why he talks so highly of it. Oh, I’m also Italian so there’s that!
  2. Australia/New Zealand. I grouped these two countries together simply because they are very similar and if possible I’d like to see them both in one trip. My primary reason for this is because of the wild life in these countries. I’d love to see these animals live in their natural habitat instead of behind the bars of a zoo in a nearby city.
  3. Europe. Yes I know Italy is in Europe, but I felt Italy needed its own number. I would love to visit Europe as a whole; U.K, France, Greece, Ireland, Spain, Amsterdam, maybe even Russia.
  4. Costa Rica. My primary reason for wanting to visit Costa Rica is because of the nature aspect. Costa Rica is known for its rainforest, waterfalls, rivers, beaches, and wildlife. All of which are things I would love to experience for myself.
  5. Belize. This is a fairly new add-on to my list of places, but it also quickly became apart of my top few. Belize is full of natural beauty with its rainforests, coral reefs, and caves, but it’s also full of history with the Maya ruins along with several other ancient ruins that I’d love to visit and learn about.

Honestly, I could have quadrupled this list in minutes. I want to go everywhere. Not just out of the country either. There are so many places here in the US that I have yet to visit as well and I hope I get the chance to do so some day soon.

Where would you like to visit? Do we have any places in common? Let me know on Twitter @ChasingMine27 or leave me a comment below!


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